Take a second to think about your lipstick application. More than likely, you’re the type of woman who takes out a tube, swipes it on and hopes it lasts. Since you missed an important step there, you shouldn’t be surprised when it doesn’t stay on throughout the day.

According to Allure magazine, blotting your lips after the first application is essential because it creates a base for the second coat to stick to. Just swipe on something like Jane Iredale – PureMoist LipColour SPF 18, then use a tissue to blot it. Swipe it on again to create the second coat, which will add both shine and coverage.

When you’re applying the lipstick, you want to start in the middle of your mouth and blend it out to the corners. It’ll look silly if you apply lipstick directly to the corners. A Retractable Lip Brush can help you with the blending.

You’ll also want to apply bolder shades of lipstick to just your bottom lip, then pressing it against your top lip to distribute the color. This will prevent you from overdoing it.

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