Ever wondered how those contestants always looked so flawless on Dancing With the Stars? The answer isn’t airbrushing – Melanie Mills, the show’s head makeup artist, told BellaSugar.com the real deal when it comes to making up those tiny dancers.

To start, each star sits out a total of three to four hours getting done up backstage, but the products they use aren’t really that complicated – it’s mainly creams and foundations that get them looking so radiant, no matter how sweaty they are towards the end.

“The big concern comes with body makeup, depending on what they’re wearing and what kind of dance they’re doing, and if they’re rubbing on someone else,” Mills pointed out. “We kind of watch and look out for that.”

For the uninitiated, body makeup is essentially what it sounds like – makeup that’s designed to help you cover up your flaws on any part of your body that isn’t your face.

CoverBlend Corrective Leg and Body Makeup SPF 18 can help you keep anything under wraps, ranging from the most stubborn bruises to those unsightly varicose veins or stretchmarks. To make your body shine like the stars, top it off with an all-over body glistening cream such as GloMinerals Body Glisten.

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