That’s right – we’re talking clutch, not purse – the famed fashion accessory that’s designed especially for formal occasions, and as such, requires a different set of tools than the ones you carry with you on a day-to-day basis.

Because clutches are formulated to be just big enough for you to carry your bare essentials, it’s important to downsize your materials just enough to have your bases covered. Forget about carrying your entire cache of shadow palettes – in this instance, a couple key items are all you’ll need to carry you through the night.

Every woman’s clutch should be able to fit a small tube of concealer and a pressed powder compact – that way, if your makeup rubs off, you can do a spotcheck without bringing your entire bottle of foundation, and you can take periodic trips to the powder room to help control that shine. If the compact doesn’t fit, a pack of oil-removing face wipes can be a great alternative.

As for makeup, you should get a natural flush from dancing the night away, so don’t worry about your blusher. Do bring eyeliner and mascara if you tend to need touch-ups, and as always, your lipstick or gloss deserves a spot in your carry-on.

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  1. Stilla makes wonderful, tiny make up kits with shadow and a lip/cheek color that will fit in practically any clutch – I love the Paris one!

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