Sometimes, it’s just not feasible to be as rested as you’d like to look. Working full time, getting all your food groups and the recommended eight hours of sleep is a task cut out for a superwoman. Luckily, you can steal some easy makeup tips to help you fake the energy you lack.

To start, there’s nothing that makes for more tired-looking skin than a face that lacks enough moisture. A good dose of moisturizer in the morning can do wonders to waken up your complexion – just be sure to let it sink in for five minutes before you put on the rest of your makeup (look for skin-brightening formulas with reflective pigments).

There’s no greater wake-me-up than a bright, rosy blush, so dab some color on your cheeks and blend up toward your temples. A shimmery highlighting cream can help simultaneously brighten and contour your face.

Finally, you don’t want to go too heavy on the eyes, since dark shadow and liner can only serve to make your eyes look smaller. Define your eyes subtly and dab some light shimmery shadow on the inner corners of your eyes to widen up your gaze.

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