When it comes to eyeshadow, your options are virtually limitless. If you’ve ever stood in the beauty aisle or the department store and surveyed your eyeshadow color options, you know that it’s truly a rainbow of hues, from shimmering champagne to royal purple to powder blue. So which colors are right for you?

The first step to figuring out which eyeshadow colors will look best on you is figuring out if you have a warm or cool complexion. To check, grab something golden and something silver and hold them up to your face in direct sunlight. If you look better next to the gold, warm colors are your style, but if the silver really brings out the best in you, cool shades are ideal. Examples of warm shades include rosy pink, soft beige, golden yellow and vibrant green. As for cool colors, icy blue, lavender, silvery grey and white will all work.

Brown-, hazel- and green-eyed gals can usually rock warm colors, so look for a gold shadow with a hint of glitter or a bright pink color to really being out the colors in your deep, sensual irises. As for girls with baby blues, play up your pale irises with equally pale shadows that recall frosty winters or clear summer skies.

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