If you love your volumizing mascara and fake lashes, you may want to think about giving your eyelashes a break once in a while. Even if you feel like you can’t live without them, it’s worth taking a breather to maintain the health of your natural eyelashes. Here are some secret tips you can use to keep them beautiful and intact.

1. Remove all eyelash glue
The YGOY Health Community recommends removing all eyelash glue once you get rid of your fakes. A cotton swab and a bit of makeup remover can do the trick if you’re afraid¬†to pluck away the glue with tweezers.

2. Try a lash strengthener
There are many lash strengtheners on the market that may be worth trying if yours have become brittle over time, according to Mag For Women. When you’re not wearing mascara or fake lashes, apply this to give your eyelashes the nutrients they need to stay strong.

3. Use coconut and almond oils
Coconut and almond oils contain vitamins that can naturally strengthen your eyelashes, according to Our Vanity. Lightly apply them to your lashes to provide them with valuable nutrients when you aren’t sporting makeup.¬†

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